Islamic Banking Diploma


A growing sector and an alternative to the traditional banking in the global finance market which is bringing new alternatives. Having a career in Islamic banking requires unique management skills and knowledge. This Times Business School’s Islamic Banking Diploma will give participants a thorough understanding of the principles that underpin this Islamic banking.

This diploma in Islamic Banking diploma will give participants an incredible opportunity to comprehensively and intensively investigate one of the most significant areas of banking in the modern business. Participants will be armed with a uniquely valuable and increasingly sought-after skills-set and knowledge-base, upon which they can build or advance an existing career in Islamic finance.

This diploma course will take a look at the industry from a more philosophical perspective, and it will discuss the core philosophies of Islamic banking while at the same time introduce a range of important alternative principles of banking. This diploma will introduce the model for Islamic banking, a comprehensive understanding and an overview of how the model works in a modern banking setting.

This diploma course will provide participants with a broad overview of Islamic banking by incorporating the understanding of Islamic financial contracts, Islamic banking services and the most important prohibitions of interest and sale of risky assets. This course will also provide an understanding of Islamic banking institutions, along with a comparison of conventional and Islamic banking products.

Course Benefits

At the end of this diploma course, participants will be awarded with Islamic Banking Diploma, and will also be able to:

  • Develop evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of organizational training in Islamic banking.
  • Work in coordination with relevant training service providers to enhance the Islamic Banking curriculum.
  • Manage the development of the skills, knowledge, and tools of Islamic banking national trainers.
  • Develop professional development plans for each national trainer and provide in-house training in relevant areas
  • Work with the management of various organizations to identify and implement cross-strengthening activities in regards to Islamic Banking in regards to microfinance and commercial banking.
  • Develop and support diverse strengthening activities for Islamic Banking & Finance, including forums, focus on compliance and internal audit, and a forum on women in finance
  • Develop strategy and work plan for Islamic Banking, in consultation with stakeholders
  • Promote and market the Islamic Banking program to all the stakeholders.