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Social Psychology Diploma


Social psychology helps in understanding how humans think about themselves and other people and what motivates their behavior in social settings. Social Psychology Diploma at Times Business School will consider all aspects of human experience and behavior and introduce participants to many various perspectives within psychology. The diploma has a strong focus on research methods, ending in an extended independent research project on a social psychology topic.

This diploma course will explain human behavior in a social situation, how people form opinions, how people make decisions for a group, and how people understand each other. This course is perfect for individuals of all experience levels and will give participants a deeper understanding of the course so that they can transfer to work or further study.

This course provides an abundance of transferable skills, like communication, critical thinking, and independent learning. For this reason, it could help you get a career in various sectors, such as counselling, education, human resources or social services. Learning with Times Business School has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle.

This diploma course will investigate various areas in social psychology, develop learners understanding of modern social psychology. It’ll also explore psychology more broadly, and participants will gain an understanding of the social world, and understanding into why people behave as they do. Learners will explore how social psychologists use evidence from different researchers to contribute to discussions on attitude change, public policy, policing, and social justice. This course will also teach learners how psychology helps in understanding workplace behavior, communication biases, education, employment, mental health, and relationships.

At the end of this diploma course, participants will be awarded with Social Psychology Diploma, and will also be able to:

  • Conduct a behavioral survey of people within an area to identify how they’ve been affected by their social environment
  • Carry out research on sensitive social topics such as racism and gender equality to provide solutions on how best to address them
  • Organize public awareness programs to educate the masses on how to manage the effects of a social environment properly
  • Evaluate school educational programs to ensure they support multicultural, racial, and ethnic co-existence
  • Provide consultancy services to firms on intergroup and interpersonal dynamics
  • Develop effective campaign strategies for political aspirants to aid them gain the support of the public
  • Design and influence the production of goods/services that are commercially acceptable and capable of satisfying the needs of the consumer
  • Conduct market research to obtain results which influence the decision-making of an organisation and serves as a guide for effective sales